Making a mobile application resembles building a house - you want a strong foundation and a carefully arranged design. With regards to Mobile App Development in Vancouver, the UI design plays a crucial part in the outcome of your application. An adequately designed UI can upgrade client experience, while a poorly designed one can drive clients away.

Here are a few dos and don'ts to remember while designing the UI for your mobile app:


1. Improve Navigation

Make it simple for clients to explore through your application by keeping the navigation simple and intuitive. Utilize clear labels and familiar icons to direct clients through various segments of your app.

2. Prioritize Content

Place the main content upfront. Clients should have the option to rapidly get to the core features and data without digging through layers of menus.

3. Design for Touch

Cell phones are primarily touch-based, so plan your UI components with touch in mind. Make buttons large to be effectively tapped and spaced out to prevent accidental taps.

4. Keep up with Consistency

Maintain consistency in design components like colors, textual styles, and format throughout your application. Consistency makes a firm client experience and causes your application to feel polished.

5. Improve for Performance

Performance is key in mobile app development in Vancouver BC. Improve your UI design to guarantee smooth performance across various gadgets and screen sizes. Limit loading times and try not to utilize heavy graphics that can dial back your application.


1. Stuff the Screen

Try not to mess the screen with an excessive number of elements. Keep the design spotless and focused on the fundamental highlights to prevent overpowering clients.

2. Ignore Platform Guidelines

Different mobile platforms have their design rules and conventions. Disregarding these rules can prompt a disjointed client experience. Adhere to platform-specific design standards to guarantee your application feels native to every platform.

3. Use Tiny Text or Icons

Text and icons should be easily readable on mobile screens. Avoid using tiny fonts or icons that require users to zoom in to interact with them.

4. Forget About Accessibility

Availability is significant in mobile app development in Vancouver BC design. Guarantee that your application is usable by individuals with disabilities by giving features like text-to-speech and customizable font sizes.

5. Neglect Testing

Try not to skip testing your application's UI design on real gadgets with genuine clients. Testing reveals ease of use issues and permits you to iterate and improve your design before launching your app.

6. Depend Entirely on Style

While style is significant, don't focus on them over ease of use. An outwardly engaging design is perfect, yet it should also be practical and intuitive for clients.

Over to you

As you follow these dos and don'ts, you can make an easy-to-understand and outwardly engaging UI for your mobile app development in Vancouver that delights clients and makes them return for more. Remember that the key to a fruitful mobile application isn't just about what it does, but also about what it looks like and feels to the client.

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